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Benefits of a buying agent

A buying agent helps you to find a property to buy. But what exact benefits does a buying agent provide you with? Do you want to outsource the whole buying proces or do you just need help with finding your dream home? For these kind of things the knowledge of a buying agent could be of help.

Which services does a buying agent provide?

Buying agent Gedévri helps you with the purchase of your dream home. Keeping in mind the preferred area, budget or housing requirements. As your buying agent we can provide the following services:

  • Looking for a home that suits your wishes and needs.
  • Visiting the home to gather more information.
  • Getting in contact with the sales agent.
  • Leading the negotiations with the sales agent.
  • Finalizing the purchase, notary act and the key transfer.

The buying process

In the first conversation we will go over your housing wishes and the budget you have to get a clear picture of your wishes and needs. After that we can discuss the fee of our services after which the search of your dream home can begin. The benefit of having a buying agent is the fact that we have a big property portfolio and a big network of agents that we are constantly in contact with. It’s not uncommon that we spot houses that fit your needs before they even appear on the market. This is beneficial because we can act before they appear for the public.

Targeted buying advice

When we find a home that fits your needs we will visit the home with you. The benefit of having us with you is that we can look at the home with an objective mind. It’s not uncommon that you have to decide very quickly if you want to make an offer on the house because of the current overheated housing market. When you are accompanied by a buying agent we can give you advice right on the spot about the correctness of the sales price of the property. We will also ask the sales agent targeted questions about the house. After the visit we will give you a summary with the pro’s and con’s of the house.

The negotiation

When the home we visited is the home of your dreams and when its fits your needs and budget we can start negotiating. Before we will start the negotiation we will go over a negotiation strategy together. The experience of a buying agent can be of great help during the negotiation. We will take in to account wether the property is for sale a long period already, are there any defects and if the neighborhood is populair amongst home buyers. These are all important subjects when making an offer on a property. We can advise you or do the whole negotiation process for you. When we negotiate for you we will always inform you immediately when any new developments occur.

The purchase

When the negotiations are finalized and you bought the house the last steps have to be taken. There are still a lot of things that have to be done at this point, like looking for a notary and appraiser. Furthermore a buying agent will assist you in:

  • Controlling the deed of purchase
  • The transmission
  • Getting the keys

Is a buying agent obligated?

A buying agent isn’t obligated but it does make the whole buying process easier. It safes you time and also money a lot of times, especially when you are not great at negotiating or when you are buying a home and are led by emotions. When you hire a buying agent you are secured of the right price and you won’t be surprised by hidden defects.

Need help finding a home that fits your needs in Amsterdam?

We would love to assist you in the search of your dream home! Get in contact with us for a free advisory conversation. Fill out our contact form or call us at: 06-124 67 576.