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Buying Agent Amsterdam

Why do you need a buying agent?

Gedévri believes in a personal approach. The housing market in Amsterdam is moving in a historical manner. Houses are being sold at a fast pace and often for a lot more than the actual appraisal. It’s very difficult to find your dream home in the private sector in Amsterdam for the right price. A buying agent can advise you during your search. The purchase of a home in Amsterdam can be a wise but emotional undertaking. The problem herein lies that often important aspects of the purchase process will be forgotten. Or that the home will be bought for a price that is too high. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you and choose for a competent buying agent like Gedévri.

Your personal buying agent

As your personal buying agent we love to be in contact with you. By translating your wishes into a targeted search query we will be able to find your dream home in Amsterdam. We will do this based on your budget, wishes and the homes the housing market in Amsterdam has to offer. Your dream home could be in our present home offerings already. And if it’s not we have connections with a lot of other agents in Amsterdam who offer more homes.

Purchase counseling

Did we find your dream home in Amsterdam during our search query? Then we wil get in contact with you as soon as possible. We will start the buying process when the house will be within your budget and satisfies your wishes. The selling party will be accompanied by a sales agent. That is why it is important to have a buying agent at your side to protect your needs and to accompany you through the buying process.

We will talk with the sales agent to find out if we can purchase the house for your desired budget. We will be very clear in our advice about this subject: if we think the price is too high we will advice against buying the house. Emotion might get the best of you during this process. Which might cause you to buy the home for a price that is too high. Disappointment could come at a later date due to hidden defects or high renovation costs. That’s why we believe in our approach: giving honest and personal advice.

Would you like help in the search of your dream home in Amsterdam?

We would love to help you out during this process. Get in contact with us if you would like us to help you in a non-committal advisory conversation. Fill in our contact-form or call:

+31 6 12 46 75 76.