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Professional home purchase advice

Buying a house in Amsterdam is a challenging task. The housing market in Amsterdam is turbulent and fast paced. Because of this finding your dream home is a costly task and asks a lot of attention, time and knowledge of the Amsterdam housing market. The offerings of Funda are on a continual move. This is why it could be wise to get help from a buying agent or a specialist who knows the Amsterdam housing market in and out.

What does buying agent Gedévri has to offer?

Gedévri is the solution for finding your dream home in Amsterdam. Giving you personalized advice is our specialty and passion. We would like to map your desires and personal situation in a personal meeting to create a profile that we can use in the search for your new home. Besides your personal wishes we will also look at your wishes concerning the neighborhood. This is how we will take on the search process for you. If we find a home that is to your wishes and needs we will contact you as soon as possible. One of our key unique selling points is that we have short reaction times.

Asking the help of a buying agent during the buying process of a house

There is a big chance you will face a selling agent when you are buying a home in Amsterdam. Gedévri offers help during visits, appointments and negotiations of your potential home. We will be at your side during the whole process, from a to z. You can use our purchase advising service when we search for a home for you, but also when you already found a home yourself. We will be at your side when negotiating with the selling agent of a home you desire. The advantage of this is advise on the following subjects:

  • Structural condition of the house
  • Appraisal value
  • The amount that should be bid
  • Action plan for purchasing the house

When you decide to buy the home, Gedévri will make sure the necessary steps will be done.

Get help from a purchase specialist

Are you in need of a partner in the purchase journey of a house in Amsterdam, do you want help with your search query and do you want honest and targeted purchase advice? Then don’t hesitate to get help from Gedévri. In a non-committal conversation we would love to tell you more about our services and your possibilities. Get in contact with us by filling out our contact-form or call us on the following number:

+31 6 124 675 76.