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Grachtenpanden Amsterdam

Home search / purchase advice

After we have catalogued all your specific home requirements, we will start right away.

Your order can consist of finding your dream home. After a number of houses have passed selection (including viewings and inspection), it is up to you to decide whether the order has been fulfilled.

However, we would like to accompany you all the way to the notary.

During this process, form the search to the purchase, all aspects are dealt with, such as the architectural condition of your dream home and the amount of maintenance required.

We list our recommendations based on this in a report, and we will personally discuss the subsequent strategy with you.

If you will give us the order to purchase, we will enter into the process of negotiations. We will always consult you before taking the necessary steps, and we will ensure that  your budget is not exceeded.

This way, you will be able to enjoy your dream home free of worry!